CEO Pay Ratio

As required by Section 953(b) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, we are providing the following disclosure about the relationship of the annual total compensation of our employees to the annual total compensation of Mr. Ersek, our CEO. To understand this disclosure, we think it is important to give context to our operations. As noted above, The Western Union Company provides people and businesses with fast, reliable, and convenient ways to send money and make payments around the world. As a global organization, approximately 78% of our employees are located outside of the United States, with our employees located in a total of 57 countries. We strive to create a competitive global compensation program in terms of both the position and the geographic location in which the employee is located. As a result, our compensation program varies amongst each local market, in order to allow us to provide a competitive total rewards package.


For 2017,

  • The median of the annual total compensation of all of our employees, other than Mr. Ersek, was $33,278.

  • Mr. Ersek’s annual total compensation, as reported in the Total column of the 2017 Summary Compensation Table, was $9,726.4 thousand.

  • Based on this information, the ratio of the annual total compensation of Mr. Ersek to the median of the annual total compensation of all employees is estimated to be 292 to 1.

Identification of Median Employee

We selected November 1, 2017 as the date on which to determine our median employee. As of that date, we had approximately 11,000 employees. For purposes of identifying the median employee, we considered the aggregate of the following compensation elements for each of our employees, as compiled from the Company’s payroll records:

  • Base Salary

  • Target Annual Bonus

  • Actual Equity Awards

  • Target Commissions

We selected the above compensation elements as they represent the Company’s principal broad-based compensation elements. In addition, we measured compensation for purposes of determining the median employee using the 12-month period ending December 31, 2017.

Using this methodology, we determined that our median employee was a full-time, salaried employee working in South America. For purposes of this disclosure, we converted such employee’s compensation from the employee’s local currency to U.S. dollars using an exchange rate as of December 31, 2017. In determining the annual total compensation of the median employee, we calculated such employee’s compensation in accordance with Item 402(c)(2)(x) of Regulation S-K as required pursuant to SEC executive compensation disclosure rules. This calculation is the same calculation used to determine total compensation for purposes of the 2017 Summary Compensation Table with respect to each of the NEOs.